11th Annual Kenya Diaspora Homecoming Convention

The Annual Kenya Diaspora Homecoming Conference (KDHC 2024) is slated for 9th to 11th December, 2024 will be the 11th in an unbroken series. This networking and partnership event will bring together Kenyans living and working abroad to celebrate the year that has passed, network, make projections, and receive updates on upcoming opportunities and activities. The event is a double-hybrid (ConfExpo, virtual/in-person), with about 1,000 participants expected in person and thousands more engaging virtually from all over the world, and over 100 organizations exhibiting or otherwise participating in some form.

As we refine our digital interaction and experience this year, we are poised to have more attendees both in-person and virtually, thanks to the goodwill of the current government, more corporates recognizing Diasporas worth, and Diasporans themselves willing to do more for the home country. This, against the backdrop of Kenya herself celebrating 61th Anniversary as an independent, sovereign state; the Event could not have happened at a better time!

Main Objective

This year’s Convention will speak to important matters of economic interest to the Kenyan Diaspora, and their general welfare. The primary goal is to highlight the role of diaspora in nation building, while also exploring ways for them to profit from safe and secure vehicles that help the economy via their remittances.

Additionally, we shall emphasize the inclusion of Diaspora members in national growth and attendant affairs and recognize outstanding Kenyans who are contributing remarkably in their respective areas of expertise on a global scale.

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Specific Objectives

1. To enlighten Diasporas on programs and solutions that address/intend to address their affairs globally.

2. To expose Diasporas to smart and secure ways of growing the value of their monies (through investing, saving, entrepreneurship, etc.)

3. To illustrate the different safe, secure, affordable and responsive channels of remitting money back home.

4. To showcase how remittances promote targeted growth in rural areas to spur economic development, including primary infrastructures for producing export quality commodities and support profitable agro- processing, value addition, micro/cottage industries, etc.

5. To highlight available opportunities to be strategic agents for remittance operators in their domicile countries.

6. To create awareness of credible avenues for philanthropy, charity and other socio-economic and cultural endeavours in the country/continent.

7. To spotlight strategic partnerships within KDA of interest back home, that can be leveraged for personal and collective growth.

8. To highlight the unique opportunities in the current environment enabled by the Government’s goodwill toward Diaspora.