The Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) traces its roots to the reform efforts dating back to the late
1990′s during which time the Diaspora became more actively involved in their home country affairs.
The Kenya Diaspora Alliance has always championed issues on behalf of Kenyans living abroad as a
federation of many diaspora organizations. There has been a lot of pressure by the Kenyan
Diaspora community to put the Governments’ of the day in check and apply pressure on said
Government officials to understand that all Kenyans, regardless of their physical location, have
inalienable rights to inclusion, representation and participation in national affairs. This is our
goal and commitment.


A major achievement in our landscape was the development and launch of the Kenya Diaspora
policy in 2014, The Kenya Diaspora policy was developed in recognition of the urgent need to
mainstream the Kenyan Diaspora into national development processes in line with the aspirations
and goals of the Kenya Vision 2030 which recognises Diaspora contributions as a critical
component to the growth of our economy and also towards the achievement of our overarching vision
of a globally competitive and prosperous Kenya by the year 2030. The Ministry of Foreign
Affairs and International Trade (MOFA and IT) sought the inputs of Diaspora Associations such
as KDA in the development of the Diaspora Policy. KDA hopes for clarity in the institutional
make-up for implementing the policy with the hope to include sufficient representation of the

KDA encourages all Diaspora Kenyans and their over 1,000 organizations to contribute to the
building of progressive Diaspora programs that can ensure that the estimated 3 million diaspora
Kenyans become part and parcel of the social, political, economic and cultural
diaspora Kenya
fabric of Kenya.