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The Secretariat

The Secretariat was established in December 2014 to act as a one stop shop for the
general Diaspora fraternity, including returnees; and the investment opportunity partners.
Some of the functions of the Secretariat are as follows:


  •  A detailed Diaspora Database
  • To be the linkage and referral point for all the needs of the Diaspora
  • To advise on any laws that may be passed that directly impact on the diaspora.
  • To provide direction and “soft landing” for our diaspora brothers and sisters
    who may have returned to the country after a long stay abroad.
  • To take the lead in organizing and facilitation of all major events (conferences,
    cocktails, breakfast meetings, workshops, etc.) that involves the Diaspora,
    investment and development partners. These also provide the diaspora with a
    platform to discuss skills for employability, entrepreneurial skills and investment
    opportunities in Kenya as well.
  • Identify potential skills and talents from the Diaspora that would benefit the country
    both at the county and at the national level.
  • Offer consultation services for Kenyans travelling abroad
    Participating in events, like the March Diaspora event to facilitate avenues for
    networking and other linkages
  • Calendar of events currently being finalized for the remainder of the year and the
    organization will soon embark on working with corporate entities for support be able to
    continue the KDA’s program which will culminate in a Diaspora Homecoming
    Convention in December 2015.

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